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Stanford Testing Information

Achievement Testing

• Appraise student’s ability to respond correctly to questions measuring his knowledge of concepts and subject matter commonly taught in the grade level being tested.

• Nationally standardized and recognized to meet most transfer or state requirements.

• Deluxe computer-scored results that include a variety of norm- and skill mastery-referenced scores, along with interpretations helps.

• Confidential reports and results.

Stanford Achievement Tests
The Stanford Achievement Test is administered annually through FCA in the spring. Testing schedules will be available online or by calling your local ARK
Center after January 30. Any requests to change your test site may incur an additional fee. This test is recognized nationwide and may be considered for grade placement if you find it necessary to place your child back in a public or private school.
Parents are responsible for their child attending their test site.

When Do We Require Testing?
Students in the following grades are required to test when registering with FCA: 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12.
All other grades are optional at the parents' request.


There are several options available to you:
You may choose from one of the following (see page 22 of your information/ registration package):

• FCA test site locations
• Private Certified Teacher
• Private FCA Administered
• Bob Jones University (must submit confirmation to FCA)
• Private School
• Religious Exemption (Not testing)

Students wishing to receive a high school diploma through FCA must have taken the achievement test each of the last two years prior to graduation. A score of 21 or better on the ACT will also be accepted for students in grades 11 or 12.

Students who have met all other graduation requirements and desire to graduate in their junior year must have taken the ACT and earned a score of 24 or better.

The Stanford Achievement Test Series (SAT-TASK)
This series covers the evaluation areas listed below.
(Areas tested vary with grade level.)

Word analysis
K5 - 2nd grades
Reading Skills / Comprehension
K5 - 12th grades
2nd - 12th grades
K5 - 12th grades
1st - 12th grades
1st - 12th grades
Study Skills
4th - 12th grades
Social Science / Science
K5 - 12th grades
K5 - 8th grades

Approximate testing time for complete battery: 2 to 3 hrs. a day for 3 days for K to 8th grade; 4 hrs. over 1 day for 9th to 12th grades.

The test results provide:
• Scaled, percentile, grade equivalent scores
• Ability/achievement comparison on combination tests
• A narrative explanation of results
• Evaluation of specific academic skills


Testing in Tennessee
Achievement tests are currently given in cities across the state of Tennessee.
(See FCA enrollment form for test locations and dates. All sites are subject to availability.)
The test will be conducted over a three-day period for students in grades K-8 and a one-day period for students in high school. Students may not test in two grades in one year. Parents are allowed to sit with children in K, 1st, and 2nd grades. We strive to create a comfortable, informal, and friendly atmosphere.
Students may only test in the grade they are registered in. After marking your 1st and 2nd choice on the enrollment form as to which test site you prefer, we will notify you on your student cards at which location you will test.
(Sites subject to availability. We reserve the right for final site approval.)


Dress Code
All students participating in FCA events will be required to conform to our Dress Code. This includes, but is not limited to:
NO hats, caps,shorts, tank tops, T-shirts with un- Christian or occult text or pictures, gang-related colors or paraphernalia. One set of earrings, correctly worn, will be accepted for female students. No earrings may be worn by male students. No body-facial piercings.
The Dress Code will be subject to the discretion of the FCA representative present. If you are not in compliance with the dress code you may be expelled from the event or possibly the FCA program. FCA reserves the right to search for firearams or tobacco ptroducts, at any one of our testing sites or events.


Private Testing through FCA

FCA is offering private testing for the Stanford Achievement Test for a fee. Private testing can be done at one of our FCA bookstores. The deadline for private testing registration is January 30.


Out of State Testing/Private Testing
If you would like to have your child tested privately by a teacher in your area, we ask that you arrange for a certified teacher to administer the test. We will need a copy of the teacher's certification, name, address, and phone number at the time of registration or within 30 days. We will be mailing the test to the teacher between February 15 and March 15. Any additional costs are to be borne by the parents.


All registrations for the Stanford Achievement Test will be closed on January 30. No exceptions.


What to Bring to the Stanford Test

Two number 2 pencils
five sheets of notebook paper
a ruler
a calculator (for 4th grade and up)
juice, fruit or a snack

What to expect the day of testing:
• Testing will start promptly at 8:30 each morning (except for the first morning). Call your local ARK Center or check web site to confirm.

• An orientation period will be held the first morning. You must be there 15 minutes before testing.

• On the first day, students will be directed to their classrooms.

• Testing lasts from 9:00 to approximately 12:00 (see test schedule available at orientation).

• Approximate times for each subtest, break times, and finishing times for each grade will be announced at each testing site.

• We are using facilities graciously donated to us. Please take care of the property and be sure to stay within designated areas. Children are allowed in testing rooms, break rooms, and bathrooms only. We have had problems in the past with children littering, turning dials and controls on sound panels, plugging toilets, and tracking mud through the sanctuary.

• Please realize we are witnesses as a Christian School group. Instruct your children to obey all the rules and teachers or they will be expelled from testing (or possibly the FCA program). Parents must be available to supervise their children not being tested and those that finish early.

• Kindergarten, first, and second grade mothers are allowed to sit in the room with their children during testing. Mothers may make sure the children understand the directions but are prohibited from assisting with test questions. Teachers have been instructed to halt the testing and ask those not in compliance to leave.

• Moms are encouraged to bring juice, fruit, or any other nutritious snack.

• We suggest that you monitor our website for specific information on testing dates and events.

• Tobacco use is prohibited at all test sites. Do not bring any type of tobacco products.

• No Student will be permitted to leave the building before testing is over.

• FCA Dress Code will be enforced at all locations and students will be required to power off any cell phones or mobile devices.

If you are not sure of your testing date you must call the records department between January 15th and February 15th to verify. This is the parents responsibility.



Make Ups
If for any reason you can not make it to the testing site assigned to your student, you must arrange for a private teacher through FCA to administer the test. Call your local ARK Center to register for make-up test day. Parents will be responsible for any additional fees this may incur. If you missed any part of the test, regardless of the test site, necessary make ups must be made by a private teacher through FCA. Parents will be responsible for any additional fees this may incur.

Changing Test Location
If for any reason you need to change your test location, the following fees will apply (no exceptions):
• $10.00 for any change made before January 1st
• $15.00 for any change made in January to February 15th
• $30.00 for any changemade after Feb. 15th (changes if available)


Achievement Test Results
You will be notified at your test site and by our FCA online newsletter as to the pick up locations.




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