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Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee is a not for profit school that makes home education simple. Our three school locations support a rapidly growing student base of approximately 2,000 students. Our experienced staff has over 60 years combined experience and uses this experience to make home education simple for our student families. FCA of E TN schools are registered with Tennessee Association of Church Related Schools (TACRS), to provide Parents the assurance FCA of E TN will help them provide the highest quality education for their student.

Our three schools in Bristol, Chattanooga, and Knoxville are autonomous schools that provide a wide variety of comprehensive services. Academic Resource Centers in each city provides the gateway to all the support services available to families. Our Resource Centers have a wide selection of home school books and materials. To obtain driving directions and resource center hours for the resource center nearest you, click the Ark Centers button in the navigation bar and choose a location from the top of that page.



FCA of E TN is a member of Tennessee Association of Church Related Schools. (TACRS)



FCA of E TN Bookstores in East Tennessee were part of the ministry of Family Christian Academy Schools headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Family Christian Academy was founded by home education pioneer and innovator, Ron Scarlata. Due to the tremendous growth of the Family Christian Academy home education ministry, it was the decision of the Family Christian Academy Directors, that they create local autonomous schools. All schools remained members of Tennessee Association of Church Related Schools (TACRS). In May 2003, Bristol, Knoxville and Chattanooga became the FCA of E TN group. Local centers and local managers (school principal's) communicate with other schools, legal authorities and organizations directly. The newly created Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee was transferred to Berea Baptist Church in Knoxville under the leadership of Pastor Michael Napier. All store, mail and fax enrollees work directly with the local stores (ARK Centers) for access to all services offered by Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee. 

Family Christian Academy and Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee are separate but affiliate schools. 

Through our ARK centers, Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee offers individualized, personal service to our students and their families.  For this reason we encourage all families to contact one of our local ARK centers and speak to one of our home education experts for any need they may have.  This contact is offered through e-mail, telephone, fax, or personal visits to the center.  We have a desire to provide each student and their family with "hand holding" when they need help and we will be there to applaud their successes.  




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