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TBI Names Tennessee Winner In 2011 Missing Children Poster Contest

Congratulations to Ryley Parker from Gray, TN 2011 winner of the TBI’s Missing Children Poster Contest!

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TBI Press Release

Ryley Parker's winning artwork for the TBI's 2011 Missing Children Poster Contest

Photo (above) of winning artwork from FCA East
2010/2011 5th grader, Riley Parker



Scholarship Winners! 
Congratulations to the following students for a job well done!

Caleb Haynes received the President's EdScholar Scholarship from Chattanooga State in recognition of his high school academic achievement with Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee.

Maryanne Armstrong received an Academic Service Scholarship from Chattanooga State in recognition of her high school academic achievement with Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee. 



A Note From Debbie V. - Tazewell, TN

Educating my child at home has been the hardest, most rewarding task of my life. Many times during the first years, I would second guess the choice the Lord had moved me to make. Countless times I was sent to my knees where I asked over and over again for reassurance that I had understood correctly God's direction to home school my child. The sacrifices that were made in my life between work, marriage, endless hours of preparing, teaching and supervising were a trial, to say the least.  With all of that, the only thing that scared me was hurting Daniel, such as my own ability to teach, his missing the formation of lasting friendships, learning how to get along with many different types of people and living in this world after school was done.

One day in fifth grade English, his book assignment was to write a paragraph about his best friend.  I almost skipped that task.  This assignment was forcing me to face one of my worst fears about home schooling, the lack of friends and the effect this would have on Daniel’s life.  In the end I gave the assignment and walked away. Anxiously and fearfully, I waited for him to finish. (II Timothy 1:7  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.) 

When he handed in this paper I was afraid to read it. I took the paper in my hand braced for the results and read these words:

My Best Friend
            My best friend has always been my friend.  He is a godly person who is a good listener.  He is wiser than anyone I know.  So, when I have a problem, he can help me.  Being a loving and caring person is not a problem for my friend.  Jesus is a valiant friend, because he died a cruel death on the cross so I could live with him in heaven.  I hope Jesus is your best friend too,  since he will be as good a friend to you as he is to me.

 I wiped away the tears, graded the paper and asked Jesus to forgive me for ever doubting the direction he had lead me for Daniel's education. I placed this letter on my refrigerator for four years to keep me grounded and help me to stay strong in the task.  Being afraid that something may happen to the paper, I moved it to a frame where it now sits on my dresser. It is the first thing I see when I awake to start my hectic, hurried, whirlwind-life all over again each morning. Daniel is now in the 10th grade and school is harder now than it was then, but I have never questioned the decision to follow God's direction in my child's life again.





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