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Meet The Principal - Pastor Mike Napier
Pastor Mike Napier - Principal - and wife, Linda

When my wife, Linda, and I became the administrators of Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee, we had one thing in mind above all the technical requirements and the certifications and curriculum criteria. We wanted to make home education simple—even for parents without formal teaching credentials. Just ask anyone who has enrolled a child in Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee, we really do make it simple! 

Quality education is one of the best gifts we, as parents, can give our children. That is why at Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee we are dedicated to keeping the teaching tools we offer through our different ARK centers of the highest standards possible—for the children. The ARK Centers are more than an affordable place to purchase curriculum. I encourage you to learn more here online as well as visit one to see first-hand what a difference Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee can make in your family's life.

And, please take a moment to say hello when you come. I am always interested in meeting each family who is enrolled in Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee! Accessibility is the first step in keeping things simple! We hope you will make the same choice that more than 1,500 families in East Tennessee have—Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee—Simple and Affordable!

Mike and Linda Napier have 3 children of their own. Like many families who want to shield their loved ones from the perils of public school, they made the decision to home educate their children as times in the public school system began to change. Mike has been a preacher and pastor of a conservative Bible-based Baptist church for more than 15 years. Their level of dedication to the ministry of teaching people about the Lord has continued in their work with Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee—unwavering toward the goal, whatever it takes.


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