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Foreign Language

Discovery Education
Discovery Education

(Arabic, French, German, Greek, Latin, Portugese, and Spanish)
Free Online English to Foreign Language Dictionary
(many languages to choose from, translate from English to language of your choice, and vice versa. A priceless tool when learning foreign languages, yours to use for free)

Discovery Education
Health/ Physical Education
Home Ec

Language Arts/ Reading/ Lit

Discovery Education
English Helps for grades K-12;
Effective Communications - Writing, Mechanics, Grammar
Fun, Interactive Reading Exercises/ Games/ Books for Beginners (Grade K and 1st appropriate)
Unlimited free access to thousands of books

Discovery Education
Math Homework helps, links
WebMath - Probem Solvers
Math worksheet generator
Math worksheet generator for grades k-8
AAA Math
(Math resources/ practice for grades K-8)
Science Resources

Discovery Education
Science Homework help, interactives and video
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Home experiments for parents and kids
Eric Weisstein's World of Science
Social Studies

Discovery Education
Social Studies - Learning about the Executive Branch;
Presidential Powers, Election Process, and Important Presidents
The Presidents of the United States
A chronological listing of every US President, and a link to a biography
Historical Text Archive
Read everything from the Magna Carta forward...
Geography Lessons/ Practice
Flags and Capitals Lessons/ Practice Grades K-8
Nations of the World
World Geography Lessons/ Practice grades K-8
US Geography
Lessons/ Practice Grades K-8
American History
You can also search and browse other topics of interest
Presidential Inaugural Addresses
From George Washington to Barak Obama
Visual Arts

Ricci Adams' Music Theory
Animated lessons, exercises and tools
Chord Finder
Help with guitar chords and transposing
Drum Lessons
FREE online drum lessons for beginners to advanced instruction, information about drums,drumming and percussion.
Art History
Prehistoric to present and a little bit of everything in between.
An Art Encylopedia...search by artist, title, or location (Art History)
Art lessons, Art Resources, Craft ideas, and projects for younger kids.





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