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Our mission is simple . . . to support home educating families in a way to help make their home education experience simple, affordable, effective and enjoyable.

"When my wife, Linda, and I became the administrators of  Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee, we had one thing in mind above all the technical requirements and the certifications and curriculum criteria. We wanted to make home education simple—even for parents without formal teaching credentials. Just ask anyone who has enrolled a child in Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee, we really do make it simple!" —Mike Napier 

Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee is a not for profit, interdenominational, Christian-based school catering to those throughout East Tennessee who home educate children from Kindergarten through the 12th grade. We provide on campus classes as well as a certified home education umbrella for studies. The significant difference in schooling with Family Christian Academy of East Tennessee is our ARK (Academic Resources for Knowledge) Centers which provide curriculum, guidance counseling, academic testing and many other services not typically found in other nationally-based home school offerings.



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